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Our Story – Discover How HawkGrips Began

HawkGrips was founded in 2012 with a singular focus in mind – to help people heal. But its origins actually date back much further to when President and Founder Frank Osborne suffered an almost-fatal skiing accident in 1997. His extensive injuries included a broken back, neck, wrist, forearm, and soft-tissue damage riddling him from head to toe. After more than a decade of different physical therapy, chiropractic and alternative interventions, as well as close to 30 surgeries, meaningful recovery still eluded Frank.

Then in 2008, his life changed upon first experiencing Graston technique. At the time, Graston represented the premier method of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) on the market. In its ideal form, IASTM treatment entails the skilled utilization of precision metal instruments to alleviate adhesions and scar tissue.

But there are many cheap knockoff products on the market, and Frank had actually been “scraped” by some of these tools before. He just didn’t find the treatment to be effective. Following his initial Graston experience, however, Frank immediately felt vast improvement in mobility along with significantly decreased pain.

Inspired by the transformative capability of these instruments but very disappointed by some negative interactions with Graston company representatives, Frank soon resolved to start his own IASTM company. Gaining insight from clinicians and other patients, he determined to create a set of instruments that would be the finest in the world. 

What Sets HawkGrips Apart?

HawkGrips instruments are precision-engineered to be the ideal IASTM tools for any practitioner, and have been created with the direct input from clinicians and patients. Cast from surgical grade stainless steel, our instruments are manufactured through a multi-step process and hand polished all within 100 miles of our Pennsylvania headquarters. We take pride in knowing exactly how and where our products are fabricated, while also contributing to the local economy.

With textured cross-hatch gripping, the instruments are designed to decrease fatigue and slippage for the therapist without sacrificing quality of treatment for the patient. HawkGrips also offers the most instruments on the market, available in a variety of sizes with numerous treatment edges, including single and double bevels. This variety ensures precise treatment for patients of different sizes and age groups.

Not only does HawkGrips make the best instruments, but we also offer superior education and employ the best instructors to teach you how to utilize them. With a curriculum specifically developed by leading experts in the world, HawkGrips courses are held throughout the year across the United States and internationally, and taught by instructors with decades of teaching experience. Simply put, our certification program is second to none.

 Benefits of Using HawkGrips

For Patients
  • Significant increases in range of motion
  • Treats acute and chronic conditions
  • Reduce need for medication and surgery
  • Decreased pain
For Practitioners
  • Reduced strain and stress on hands
  • Improved patient outcomes in fewer visits
  • Increased feedback and resonance
  • Increased referrals

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