Brian Ferrie

Brian Ferrie is the Editorial & Multimedia Director at HawkGrips. In this role, he coordinates the insightful text content on the HawkGrips website (such as feature articles, interviews, case studies and blog posts), while also shooting, editing and producing dynamic videos that include Practitioner Profiles, Patient Profiles and Treatment Tutorials. In addition, Brian supervises the official HawkGrips YouTube Channel and collaborates with external outlets to provide media coverage of HawkGrips.

“My approach is to focus on the best ways to spread the word about our excellent products and services, as well as the tremendous impact they make on patients and clinicians,” he says.

Brian is an avid fitness enthusiast who has competed in a variety of sports throughout his life. Having experienced his share of athletic injuries, he’s also very interested in sports medicine and rehabilitation.

“I was primarily attracted to HawkGrips because of the high-quality products and outstanding reputation in the field,” relates Brian. “I also liked how this role would blend my natural interests in writing, multimedia, sports, health and fitness.”

He grew up outside Philadelphia and earned his bachelor’s degree from Saint Joseph’s University in the city, which is also the alma mater of HawkGrips Founder Frank Osborne and COO Sean MacNeal. Prior to joining HawkGrips, Brian worked for more than 15 years as an Editor/Writer at a prominent national healthcare publishing company based in suburban Philadelphia. His job responsibilities there focused mainly on trade magazines and websites geared toward physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers and other rehabilitation professionals.

“In my spare time, I tend to be pretty active,” Brian shares. “My hobbies include running, biking, weight training, travel, keeping up with global news and exploring downtown Philadelphia. I also like hanging out with friends, family and my beautiful wife Vanesa.”