Justine Boss

Justine Boss is the Marketing Manager at HawkGrips. Her evolving role encompasses many different aspects, mainly coordinating the HawkGrips social media accounts, designing and supplying marketing handouts, branding, as well as miscellaneous projects such as supervising the re-launch of the HawkGrips website and designing a new trade show booth setup.

Regarding her approach to the job, Justine says, “I usually have multiple things going on at once, so I try to stay as organized as possible, keep in touch with what similar companies are doing, and read up on whatever I happen to be working on (for example, search engine optimization) when I have a free moment. My role and our identity as a company evolve so quickly that while I always have goals to work towards, the daily activities or projects can change frequently.”

Although Justine didn’t have prior experience in the healthcare sector prior to joining HawkGrips, she experienced athletic injuries as a dancer for 12 years, and has personal interest in the subject due to her father’s bouts with severe back problems. “I like a more holistic approach to health, so the fact that we actively support a modality that can relieve pain and injury non-invasively and without medication is wonderful to me,” she notes.

Justine was initially attracted to HawkGrips for a few reasons, among them that she loved the idea of joining a recent startup, with the accompanying opportunity for growth and development. “I also liked that it’s a company with a sincere message, as well as the general atmosphere. Everybody who works here is fantastic, and the environment is calm and welcoming.”

Justine originally hails from Maine, and earned her BA degree from the University of Southern Maine in 2011. She has previously worked in customer service, retail banking, and event planning. Justine moved to Philadelphia in 2013, and in her spare time enjoys reading, doing yoga, playing with her dog Lexie, and exploring her new hometown.