Karli Jenkins

Karli Jenkins is the Business Development Manager at HawkGrips. Her role includes creating opportunities for HawkGrips CEU courses in the domestic market, as well as opening and cultivating CEU courses in the international market.

“Because I’m constantly communicating with others, my general job approach is to just share my enthusiasm,” says Karli. “People don’t like talking to someone who doesn’t sound like they’re happy about what they do, so I try to focus on my desire to share something I believe will have a positive impact on them.”

What appealed to Karli about working for HawkGrips in particular?

“I’m always attracted to products and services that aim to improve people’s lives, so ultimately that was the primary factor,” she relates. “My friend Nicky Archer was already working for HawkGrips too [as Director of International], so that played a part. The company culture is also a significant consideration. A great company culture starts with a vision, values, and people. Then it turns into an awesome narrative based on those elements. To me, the HawkGrips culture is all about helping people.”

Karli was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. She attended the University of New Mexico as an undergraduate and received her bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurial studies with a designation in international studies. In addition, she spent a year studying abroad in Australia, where she camped up and down the western coast, and also backpacked through three islands in Indonesia.

After graduation, Karli obtained a position as International Coordinator for a rehabilitative product manufacturer. This role entailed being a liaison between upper management and international distributors. After about a year, she was promoted to International Sales Assistant Project Manager, which involved extensive management of international accounts and projects. Today, Karli still lives in Albuquerque, where she started working remotely for HawkGrips in October 2016.

“There’s so much to do outside in the Southwest,” says Karli. “I love snowboarding in the winter and biking/hiking in the summer. I also have a huge dog and when the weather permits we’re outside for most of the day. I’ve recently started fostering dogs, so now he has a built-in playmate pretty much all the time. I love to read as well and am currently re-reading the entire Harry Potter series.”