Kate Miller, PTA, BSPTA, CFT

Kate Miller, PTA, BSPTA, CFT, is an Education Coordinator and Instructor at HawkGrips, where she fosters, cultivates and optimizes relationships with both potential and current host sites for instructional courses. Working alongside HawkGrips Business Development Manager Karli Jenkins, Kate also seeks new educational opportunities across the fields of massage therapy, chiropractic, occupational rehabilitation, athletic training, and physical therapy.

“I’m sort of a jack of all trades and have recently taken on some event coordination responsibilities,” says Kate. “In this role, I research and investigate potential conferences, public events, and networking opportunities, then move forward with the best options. Other parts of my job involve supporting Sales & Distribution Manager Val Flack in instrument promotion, and assisting my amazing coworkers across the board.”

In addition to working for HawkGrips, Kate is a practicing Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). She comes from a strong athletic background and has experienced many injuries first-hand, as well as subsequent surgeries. Kate first learned about instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) as part of the PTA curriculum at Mesa College in San Diego. She then met HawkGrips Owner & Founder Frank Osborne at a California Physical Therapy Association (CPTA) conference during her final year. Kate kept in touch with the HawkGrips team and soon afterward attended the Level I and Level II instructional courses.

“Following the Level II course, they asked if I wanted to become a HawkGrips Instructor and I was so excited that I cried and basically jumped out of my skin all at once,” Kate shares. “Little did they know I was conducting an extensive research project in my BSPTA program at the same time, where my stated goal was to actually work for HawkGrips someday!”

A proud Army brat, Kate has called many places home in the United States. She attended the University of Hawaii as an undergraduate and eventually moved to San Diego, becoming a certified fitness trainer and spin instructor. This led to PTA school at Mesa and the BSPTA program at Pima Medical Institute in Chula Vista, CA, each of which she graduated from with summa cum laude honors. Kate is also an active member of the CPTA, where she serves as San Diego CAL-PT-PAC (Political Action Committee) Liaison and as the first-ever PTA member of the PAC Board of Trustees.

In her free time, Kate loves to travel and explore, a calling she heeded by visiting five European countries with husband Steve during their two-week honeymoon. She considers herself an islander at heart though and is fascinated by Hawaiian and Polynesian culture. Kate and Steve also own two rescue pups and will soon welcome their first child!