Find Your Ideal HawkGrips Emollient: Tailored Solutions For Every Need

Find Your Ideal HawkGrips Emollient: Tailored Solutions For Every Need

HawkGrips Emollient is the secret weapon in soft tissue mobilization, providing the perfect glide for our IASTM tools with its carefully formulated, oil-based composition. But did you know that HawkGrips offers a range of emollient options designed to meet diverse treatment requirements? Whether you're working in a bustling training room or a sterile hospital environment, we have the perfect solution.

Scent Options: 

  1. Vanilla: Our original scent, beloved by many athletes for its delicious cupcake/frosting aroma. Perfect for training rooms and those who enjoy a pleasant fragrance during treatment.
  2. Fragrance-Free: Developed for sensitive patients and clinical settings where a neutral scent is essential. 

Packaging Choices: 

  1. Emollient Jars: Optimal for high-volume use and repeated applications. These are cost-effective for high-volume users and jars are well-suited for long-term storage. This makes them perfect for both frequent users and those who need emollient on hand for occasional use.
  2. Single-Use Emollient Packets: The market’s only single-use emollient option. Ensures infection control, facilitates quick clean-up, and provides on-the-go convenience. From athletes using vanilla-scented packets during travel to hospitals employing fragrance-free options for stringent hygiene, these versatile packets meet diverse needs. And pro tip for endurance athletes: Our single-use packets double as an effective anti-chafe solution during long runs or races. 

Both scents are available in both packaging formats, offering you flexibility. 

HawkGrips Emollients stand out not just for their variety and convenience, but also for their safety. Our formulas are free from harmful chemicals, delivering the quality you expect without compromise. Proudly made in the USA in our home state of Pennsylvania too!

With HawkGrips, you truly get the best of all worlds - variety, convenience, and safety. So don't limit yourself to one-size-fits-all emollients.  Explore HawkGrips' range of options today and elevate your treatment approach with the perfect emollient for your needs. You can find all of our emollients wherever you shop: your favorite distributor, amazon (emollient jar, vanilla single-use emollient, fragrance-free single-use emollient), and of course right here on our website.

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