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HawkGrips® HawkHydro Water-Based Emollient

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Streamline your treatment process with HawkGrips HawkHydro, a game-changing water-based emollient developed based on clinician feedback. This innovative formula enables seamless transitions from IASTM to cupping and therapeutic taping without the need for soap and water clean-up, saving time and boosting efficiency. Its unique composition enhances cupping efficacy, and the hygienic, squeezable 4 oz bottle is perfect for both in-clinic and field use.

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HawkGrips® Emollient
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Seamless Transition Between Modalities

Unlike oil-based emollients and creams that require soap and water removal before taping, HawkHydro facilitates quick and easy transitions from one treatment modality to the next. Simply wipe off the HawkHydro, and the skin is ready for tape application.

Optimizes Cupping Efficacy

HawkHydro's unique water-based formula provides an optimal seal during cupping therapy, enhancing suction and therapy effectiveness.

Hygienic Packaging

The squeezable 4 oz bottle minimizes cross-contamination risks and is ideal for both in-clinic and field use.

Integrated Treatment Experience

Pair HawkHydro with our HawkGrips Cupping Set and IASTM Sets for optimal results and a fully integrated treatment experience.

Made in the USA | 4 oz Bottle | Water-Based Formula