Frank Osborne

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Meet Frank Osborne, the fearless and high-energy Founder and CEO of HawkGrips. Driven by principles of hard work and integrity, Frank’s connection to HawkGrips runs deep. It stems from a life-altering skiing accident in 1997 when IASTM tools were his savior during recovery.

Frank’s favorite thing about HawkGrips? Constantly meeting new people, solving problems for patients and customers, and driving innovation within a dynamic team. Beyond HawkGrips, he has begun a new journey as the Founder and CEO of Action Medical Technologies (AMT), touching down in another part of the healthcare industry.

Outside the office, Frank resides in Conshohocken, PA, where he cherishes time with his family, his girlfriend Karolina, and his dogs.

Barbara Horton

Chief Financial Officer

Get to know Barbabra Horton, HawkGrips’ CFO. Originally from New Jersey, she’s traveled from Atlanta to California before finding her forever home in Bucks County, PA.

In her role, she creates financial statements, oversees the supply chain, contributes to product development, drives sales planning, and everything in between, applying her thoughtful and analytical approach. She also works for AMT with Frank. Barb’s life philosophy: Learn something new every day!

In her personal life, she is involved in her two grown children’s lives. She is also a member of the National Charity League, a mother-daughter volunteer organization, and her passions include cooking, reading, and movies.

Barb thrives in HawkGrips’ close-knit atmosphere, where the owner’s vision aligns seamlessly with her values. She says this makes HawkGrips an easy place to work!

Colleen Mook

Chief Operating Officer

Introducing Colleen Mook, HawkGrips’ COO. Her day-to-day hustle revolves around building and maintaining a strong foundation for the company and engaging with customers, distributors, vendors, and the internal team. 

She lives by the mottos “Just do it” and “Get in the arena,” embracing boldness and bravery.

Beyond the workplace, you’ll find her taking Peloton workouts and spending time with her big family in the Philly suburbs.

What fuels her at HawkGrips is constant personal learning and the company’s constant evolution. Ensuring exceptional customer experiences is her mission, one she pursues daily.

Lauren Calamari

Education Manager

Lauren Calamari, our Education Coordinator and Doctor of Physical Therapy, originally hailing from Raleigh, NC, now resides in Greenville, SC. In her daily role, she schedules, plans, and manages HawkGrips courses, collaborates with instructors, engages with customers, and provides valuable clinical support to all.

In her downtime, she enjoys quality time with her husband, Josh, and their dog, Rocky. Hiking, beach trips, exploring Greenville and watching their favorite sports teams fill their days.

Lauren’s favorite thing about working at HawkGrips is the connection she maintains with the rehabilitation community. Despite her transition from clinical practice, she finds satisfaction in working with rehab professionals across the nation and around the world.

Michael Cloran

Marketing Manager

Michael Cloran, our Marketing Manager at HawkGrips, supports our internal team and empowers our extensive network of dealers and distributors, while enhancing customer service and fostering collaborative partnerships to drive our mission forward.

Beyond the office, you’ll often find Mike on long walks and hikes with his dog, Mercy, enjoying live music, and supporting Philadelphia sports.

Mike deeply values HawkGrips’ commitment to exceptional customer service and the sincere design to improve clinicians’ and patients’ lives. He says, “It’s never lost on me that our products have truly enhanced so many lives for the better.”

Molly Mook

Content & Communications Manager

Molly Mook does a little bit of everything. Based out of NYC, her work ranges from assisting customers with sales orders to managing our social media, creating content, and building influencer and customer relationships to aiding with distributor presentations and education tasks. She thrives on meeting new people!

In her free time, Molly channels her passion for fitness through instructing strength and cycle classes as well as running on her own. She’s an enthusiastic traveler and enjoys weekend getaways with friends and family. 

What lights up her work at HawkGrips? Working with people who share her enthusiasm for health, fitness, recovery, and peak performance, and the dynamic nature of her role.