Customer Testimonials

John B.

I love these single-use emollient packets as they are great for traveling and working with the athletes. Oftentimes, I’ll grab a handful of th... See More

Andrea Lasner
PT, DPT, CMTPT The Johns Hopkins Hospital

The HawkGrips Professional Massage Cream is fantastic! I love it!

Kate Miller
PTA, BSPTA, CES, PCES, SFC, CFT Founder / Owner of HyperKinetix

I was pleasantly surprised by the efficacy during treatments of this lotion. It isn’t messy at all, and the packaging makes it very easy to ma... See More


We started using this emollient in our Physical Therapy clinic based on a colleague's recommendation. It performs better for our soft tissue t... See More

Ashley Campbell
PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, CGFI-2 Director of Rehabilitation, Nashville Hip Institute at TOA / Owner, Performance One LLC

Love this stuff! I've been using this massage cream for a few months now, and I appreciate its clean texture. It has no sticky textures or odd... See More

Stephanie Driver

I use this emollient for muscle scraping, and a tiny bit lasts a long time. It outperforms massage oils or lotions which get absorbed too quic... See More

Cathy P

We use this product for deep tissue massages and instrument-assisted soft tissue work. Both staff and patients appreciate it. It allows for im... See More

Melissa Carman
PT, CHT Ballad Health

HawkHydro gel is awesome and very versatile - the tools glide great and can be used with cupping making transition between the two seamless. C... See More

Beth Krantz

I use this at the clinic and at home. It has the perfect viscosity and is the best scraping emollient.

Linda Thompson

As a pelvic floor physical therapist using IASTM on sensitive areas, I appreciate this product. It's gentle on the skin with great glide for t... See More

Sam L.

As a massage therapist, this cream has become my go-to product. It has a balanced texture - smooth but not greasy - and is excellent for all t... See More

Elija K.

Bringing HawkGrips to a new job – I just started at a new PT center and tried their typical massage cream for IASTM. I have been spoiled with ... See More

Joseph F.

The HawkGrips emollient provides excellent glide and lasts long without being greasy. The scented version smells great, often prompting patien... See More

Marshall Dahneke

Excellent as an anti-chafe product for runners … in addition to enabling excellent IASTM therapy.

Jake B.

This is the best emollient I've used for IASTM. It outperforms biofreeze or other topical gels and has a pleasant scent.


This cream is perfect as a lubricant for a massage. The ‘almost’ solid base emollient breaks down quickly with light friction when applied to ... See More

Gary Reinl

Love the fact that it is chemical free (who wants chemicals rubbed into their body anyway)!

Michael Helwig

The HawkGrips emollient is definitely high quality. Works great with IASTM tools, provides a nice sliding surface for the tools. Not greasy an... See More

L. Kohls

Excellent, non-greasy, fragrance-free product. A little goes a long way and wipes off without leaving residue. Excellent value. The Occupation... See More

Kate Miller
PTA, BSPTA, CES, PCES, SFC, CFT Founder / Owner of HyperKinetix

This massage cream is exceptional because, unlike some creams and emollients, it doesn't slip. It's essential for precise techniques like occi... See More


This product is perfect for cupping therapy. Just the right amount of greasiness without being too greasy or oily. I will order again!

Brandon Julian

HawkGrips Emollient is fantastic. My PT first used this emollient on the hamstring. It never dried out and it stayed a perfect consistency for... See More


Best in the business– I’ve used many different emollients but HawkGrips Emollient is by far the best. It allows the tools to glide easily, it’... See More

No Harmful Chemicals
Superior Glide
Made in the USA

Best Uses for Clean Topicals

HawkGrips Emollients
Therapeutic Massage Lotion
Professional Massage Cream
HawkHydro Water-Based Gel
IASTM PREFERRED ------------ ------------ Recommended
Massage/Manual Therapy Recommended PREFERRED PREFERRED ------------
Cupping Recommended Recommended Recommended PREFERRED
Kinesiology Taping ------------ ------------ ------------ PREFERRED


Only the cleanest ingredients are used in all of our products, ensuring you and your patients peace of mind.

Ingredients Matter

We never use the harmful ingredients or harsh chemicals often used by traditional brands.

DMDM Hydantoin FREE

A preservative that works by releasing formaldehyde, Formaldehyde is classified as a human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

Paraben FREE

Parabens can disrupt hormones in the body and harm fertility and reproductive organs, affect birth outcomes, and increase the risk of cancer

Lanolin Alcohol FREE

Traces of cancer-causing pesticides have been reported in lanolin, an ointment base derived from sheep wool

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate FREE

Skin irritant found in many household cleaning products

lodopropynl Butycarbamate FREE

Preservative used in the paint industry, Human toxin, Causes skin irritations such ascontact dermatitis

Methylisothiazolone FREE

Preservative found in many skincare products linked to lung toxicty, neurotoxicity and allergic reactions

Disodium EDTA FREE

Skin irritant that can assist in the absorption of other chemicals into the skin