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HawkGrips® Single-Use Emollient Packets

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Prioritize patient safety and hygiene with HawkGrips Single-Use Emollient Packets. Each bag contains 36 TSA-friendly, 7 mL packets of our premium, oil-based emollient, available in vanilla-scented and fragrance-free options. The balm-like consistency offers an ideal alternative to traditional massage creams, while the single-use packaging ensures optimal safety and infection control in any setting.

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HawkGrips® Emollient
$ 21.95
Introductory Set
$ 1,149.00
HawkGrips® HawkHydro Water-Based Emollient
$ 21.95

Perfect Pairing

Enhance your IASTM treatments with our emollient's smooth glide and optimal surface viscosity. 

Balm-Like Consistency

Experience the luxurious, skin-nourishing benefits of our oil-based formula, crafted with shea butter and vegan-friendly synthetic beeswax. 

Hypoallergenic Formula

Protect sensitive skin with our minimal allergen ingredients, suitable for both delicate and resilient skin types. 

Joint Commission Compliant

Simplify your compliance procedures and reduce product waste with our single-use packets. 

Versatile Applications

Use our emollient for IASTM, anti-chafing, post-workout massages, scar tissue management, manual therapy treatments and more.

Fragrance Options

Choose between vanilla-scented and fragrance-free packets to suit your preferences.

Made in the USA | 36 Single-Use Packets (7 mL each) | Available in Vanilla-Scented & Fragrance-Free