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Therapeutic Massage Lotion

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Created in collaboration with healthcare professionals like you, HawkGrips Therapeutic Massage Lotion is a clinician's choice that combines professional glide, exceptional safety, and unbeatable value. This premium lotion offers exceptional performance and safety in a hygiene-focused 8 oz tube, making it a smart addition to your practice. Benefit from our formula's unparalleled quality and experience the difference HawkGrips can make in your treatments.

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Professional Massage Cream
$ 21.95
$ 21.95
$ 21.95

Versatile Performance & Superior Glide

Whether you're conducting soothing, fluid strokes or intensive deep tissue techniques, HawkGrips is your adaptable ally in all therapeutic sessions.

Skin-Friendly & Unscented

We believe that ingredients matter. That's why our paraben-free, unscented formula is enriched with nourishing sunflower oil and shea butter, designed for safe, repeated use. HawkGrips nourishes the skin without causing irritation.

Hygiene Focused

Our non-greasy lotion comes in a convenient tube to minimize cross-contamination and ensure optimal hygiene with each use.

Clean & Non-Staining

Keep your patients' skin soft and your clinic's linens spotless with HawkGrips. Say goodbye to the worry of stains.

Convenience & Value

Enjoy more with our generous 8 oz tube, perfect for busy clinics and mobile practitioners alike.

Quality Assured & Made in the USA

Each tube of HawkGrips Therapeutic Massage Lotion is manufactured to the highest quality standards, right here in the USA.

Invest in HawkGrips Therapeutic Massage Lotion today and experience professional glide, exceptional safety, and unbeatable value. It's not just a product; it's a practitioner's choice. Your practice deserves the best.