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HawkGrips® Therapeutic Massage Lotion

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Crafted in collaboration with healthcare professionals, HawkGrips Therapeutic Massage Lotion combines professional glide, exceptional safety, and unbeatable value in a hygienic, 8 oz tube. This premium, unscented lotion offers versatile performance for manual techniques, ensuring an optimal treatment experience for you and your patients.

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HawkGrips® Professional Massage Cream
$ 21.95
HawkGrips® HawkHydro Water-Based Emollient
$ 21.95
HawkGrips® Emollient
$ 21.95

Professional-Grade Formula

Enjoy effortless glide and optimal workability with our advanced lotion, designed to enhance your manual therapy techniques.

Skin-Friendly Ingredients

Nourish and protect your patients' skin with our paraben-free, unscented formula, enriched with sunflower oil and shea butter.

Hygienic Packaging

Our convenient, 8 oz tube minimizes cross-contamination risks and ensures easy, mess-free application.

Non-Staining & Clean

Keep your patients' skin and clothes, and your tables and linens clean with our non-greasy, non-staining formula.

Cost-Effective Choice

Get more value for your investment with our generously sized, 8 oz tube, perfect for busy practices.

Made in the USA | 8 oz Tube | Fragrance-Free