Prioritizing Health and Safety: The Importance of Clean Ingredients in Massage Therapy

Prioritizing Health and Safety: The Importance of Clean Ingredients in Massage Therapy


In the manual therapy world, topical products like creams, lotions, and oils are essential tools of the trade. As therapists, trainers, and hands-on practitioners, you rely on these products daily to provide effective, therapeutic treatments to your clients. However, conventional topicals are loaded with harsh chemicals that can disrupt hormones, irritate skin, and even increase cancer risk with repeated exposure. 

Many clinicians choose one product early on and stick with the same formula for decades, never realizing the potential toxins they've been rubbing into their own skin and their patients' - application after application. Built-up exposure to these chemicals is an often overlooked danger of the job.

At HawkGrips, we're dedicated to crafting massage creams and lotions tailored specifically for manual therapy professionals. We prioritize the use of clean, high-quality ingredients, and we carefully select components that ensure optimal performance and consistency. We make a conscious effort to avoid harsh preservatives, surfactants, and other potentially harmful additives in our formulations. 

For those who enjoy a light scent, our vanilla emollient is the only product in our line that contains added fragrance, offering a pleasant aromatic experience without compromising our dedication to clean, high-quality ingredients.

Let's take a closer look at some of the most common harmful ingredients found in conventional topicals.

The Risks of Harmful Ingredients

From disrupting hormones to increasing cancer risk, these common synthetic ingredients have no place being rubbed directly into the skin– 

Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives: Shockingly, many products contain formaldehyde - a known human carcinogen that has been linked to lung cancer and leukemia, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Parabens: Used as preservatives, these chemicals can interfere with hormone function, potentially harming fertility and reproductive health. Studies have also linked long-term paraben exposure to an increased risk of breast cancer. 

Lanolin Alcohol: Derived from sheep’s wool, this common ointment base may be contaminated with traces of cancer-causing pesticide residues, like insecticides and herbicides used in sheep farming.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): This harsh surfactant used in many household cleaners can cause skin irritation, stripping away the protective lipid barrier. SLS has also been linked to organ toxicity from long-term exposure.

Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate: Typically found in products like paints and sealants, this toxic preservative can cause immunological and neurological issues when absorbed through the skin. Rashes, contact dermatitis, and respiratory problems are common adverse effects, and it also has the potential for reduced fertility and increased risk of birth defects. 

Methylisothiazolinone: This synthetic preservative has been shown to cause neurotoxic effects like brain cell damage, lung toxicity leading to respiratory distress, and severe allergic reactions at low levels of exposure. 

Disodium EDTA: Not only is this a skin irritant, but it can actually increase absorption of other chemicals into the body - compounding exposure to substances like parabens and formaldehyde. 

It's startling to think these same toxic ingredients get massaged directly into your clients' and your own skin day after day. 

HawkGrips’ Commitment to Clean Ingredients

Using HawkGrips toxin-free massage creams and lotions means you and your clients can experience the quality, therapeutic benefits of a massage without harsh ingredients entering the skin. We help you to prioritize both efficacy and safety and ensure only clean ingredients touch the body.

Our clinician-focused formulas harness nourishing plant oils and butters that replenish the skin's protective barrier without harsh additives. You won't find parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, or other questionable synthetics in our hypoallergenic massage creams and lotions. Most of our products are fragrance-free, with the exception of our vanilla emollient, and all are 100% vegan, ensuring maximum purity and peace of mind for you and your clients, no matter their skin sensitivity. You can feel great knowing our line is 100% made in the USA with a commitment to saying goodbye to toxins.

But don't just take our word for it… Countless therapists rave about the clean, skin-friendly performance of products like our Professional Massage Cream. "Its paraben-free and skin-friendly ingredients appeal to health-conscious users like myself," remarks Sam L., LMT. As Gary Reinl puts it, "Love that it is chemical free - who wants chemicals rubbed into their body anyway?!"

So Read Your Labels!

Take a look at the products in your massage room. If they contain harsh parabens, sulfates, or formaldehyde releasers, it's time for a change.

Why choose to expose yourself and your clients to potential toxins when you can choose HawkGrips? Feel good about what you're using on your patients and yourself. Make the switch to safer, cleaner products. Visit our topicals page now to learn more about our toxin-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic massage creams, lotionsand emollients. Experience the difference of prioritizing your health and the health of your clients with HawkGrips.




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