HawkGrips Cupping Set

$ 45.00
  • HawkGrips HawkGrips Cupping Set

HawkGrips Cupping Set

$ 45.00

HawkGrips Takes Myofascial Manipulation to New Levels

Designed to provide strong and adjustable suction, HawkGrips Cupping Set Cupping can help support circulation, reduce joint pain and muscle soreness, reduce cellulite, as well as help reduce the visibility of stretch marks, wrinkles and more. HawkGrips Cupping Set consists of six premium silicone cups: two large, two medium, one small, and one extra small. 

Ideal for Static and Dynamic Cupping Techniques

Discover both static and dynamic cupping techniques with HawkGrips Cupping Set! The transparent design of these silicone cups is for clear visibility of the suction level and effects on the underlying tissue, allowing users to monitor and modify the treatment accordingly. For simple application and reduced risk of excessive suction, the cups do not require pumping and come complete with a quick-start user guide for home use. The embossed design of each cup provides extra grip for enhanced control.

Includes HawkHydro Water-Based Emollient

For use in myofascial manipulation and deep-tissue massage, these strong, extra-thick silicone cups feature rounded rims for ease of handling and maximum suction. Included in this cupping set is the HawkHydro Emollient, ideal for dynamic cupping applications for smooth movement of the cups without loss of suction. The water-based formula is easy to clean from skin and cups, formulated to prevent stains on clothing, furniture, or medical equipment.

Set Includes:

  • Six Premium Silicone Cups
    • Two Large
    • Two Medium
    • One Small
    • One Extra Small
  • 4oz. Bottle of HawkHydro Water-based Emollient
  • User Guide
  • Carrying Case