IASTM Emollients

IASTM Emollients

Increase patient comfort

About Our Emollient

HawkGrips Emollient is a professional-grade moisturizer made to increase patient comfort during IASTM treatments. The emollient allows HawkGrips instruments to slide smoothly across your patient’s skin.

Ingredients Matter

When it comes to what we put on our bodies, ingredients matter! Our Emollient is specifically manufactured without the use of any chemical preservatives, unlike others on the market.

Mike Ryan - PT, ATC, CES, PES

“Love it! These single-use emollients are perfect with today’s elevated infection control concerns. They help keep both the patients and healthcare providers safe. Of all the manual fascia tools and emollients out there, HawkGrips is the best on the market."

Andrea Lasner PT, DPT, Clinical Specialist at Johns Hopkins

“Most people and clinicians love the HawkGrips emollient. It really is paraben free, it’s gentle, very moisturizing and a little goes a long way. This emollient is truly great for the skin."

Keith Cronin - DPT, OCS, CSCS

“My clinic switched to HawkGrips emollient about 5 years ago and it really was a game changer! Our clients love the scented version, and our clinicians love the way it feels. It applies smoothly to the skin and wipes off easily. HawkGrips gives you so much more for the price compared to other brands as well. We have definitely saved a lot of money using this Emollient.”

Adam Maurer DC, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Owner MOVE Health & Sports Clinic

“Out of all the massage creams and emollients I have used in my career, HawkGrips Emollient is not only my favorite, but also a favorite amongst my patients. This is a really great product. I love that they offer both fragrance and fragrance free because we have noticed certain clients love both options over the years. It’s a must have for deep tissue work.”