In my estimation, HawkGrips are as advertised: superior to any such product on the market. The grips are a much needed upgrade. In addition, there are no overly expensive requisite courses one must take.

Eric Waters, MS ATC NASM-PES CSCS Head Athletic Trainer, Washington Wizards 2009-2010 NBA Athletic Trainer of the Year

HawkGrips have been an excellent addition for our rehabilitation protocols, chiefly in the treatment of fascia-related injuries at The University of Akron. We have found that the specialization of the instruments, particularly the differing sizes and shapes, have allowed our athletic training staff to really focus on specific problem areas. The addition of the textured grips allows for secure handling without slipping making treatment sessions smooth and efficient.

Stacey Buser LAT, MS, A.T.C. Senior Clinical Instructor, University of Akron

After years of working with various instruments, I knew immediately that I was seeing the Gold Standard of IASTM when I came across HawkGrips. The variety of treatment edges, textured gripping and quality surface finish are unmatched for patient and therapist comfort. HawkGrips are the future of IASTM treatment and the tools I prefer to use when treating my patients.

Mark Butler PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. MDT

For 15 years I’ve had to deal with a debilitating injury. For the first time I was pain free at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games thanks to Troy Willis, HawkGrips and the Resiliency Project Recovery Team.

Shawn Ramirez Fittest Man 40-44 Years Masters Athlete 2014, 2015 Reebok Crossfit Games

HawkGrips have been a great addition to our clinic. They were an essential part of my treatment protocol at the 2014 CrossFit Games, allowing me to provide recovery and preparation for my competing athletes, including Rich Froning.

Nathaniel L. Mainord, DC, CCEP, FMT Owner / Clinical Director of Optimal Health & Performance

I believe the greatest gifts as a clinician are our hands. HawkGrips are a great way of saving our hands from the abnormal wear and tear that is required when performing hands-on therapies such as fascial dysfunction and breaking up adhesions. The use of HawkGrips has been a great adjunct to my rehabilitation of our players.

Jim McCrossin MS ATC CSCS, PES, CES Head Athletic Trainer Philadelphia Flyers

HawkGrips are an essential tool for soft tissue management of our athletes. HawkGrips have been extremely effective in helping us manage soft tissue stress throughout the season, allowing our team to focus on competing at the highest level.

Dr. Christopher Stackpole Director of Player Health and Performance Portland Trail Blazers

HawkGrips have been a welcomed addition to our training room. These instruments are the best I have ever used for identifying and breaking down adhesions, not only post surgery, but also fascia/muscle restrictions from daily exercise.

Sal Raffa, ATC Athletic Trainer Philadelphia Flyers

Tools are great!! They're much better than Graston. I will spread the word to my colleagues around the league.

Anthony Goenaga, PT, ATC, PES Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist, New York, NY

Great instructional DVD! Very helpful in addressing any questions my colleagues and I have had in using HawkGrips. I also like that I am able to show it to my new patients so they know what to expect prior to treatment.

Dr. Desirea D. Caucci, PT, DPT, OCS Conshohocken Physical Therapy

After using my hands for deep tissue release for years, I didn't realize how much they were missing until l started utilizing steel instruments 5 years ago. HawkGrips work great for the detection and treatment of soft tissue dysfunction. I've used different tools in the past but HawkGrips have taken it to the next level.

O. Scott Toale, PT, MPT, Cert. MDT Facility Director/Physical Therapist PHOENIX Rehabilitation and Health Services. Inc.

In the past I have been skeptical about the use of tools in my practice. However, I’ve found HawkGrips have improved my manual therapy interventions by allowing me to easily feel adhesions and restrictions. Without losing the precision and depth that I am used to when using my hands for soft tissue techniques, HawkGrips have also significantly decreased the amount of loading my hands experience daily.

Brendan Toner. PT, DPT, MS, OCS Doctor of Physical Therapy Orthopedic Clinical Specialist New York, NY

For several years I have been using Graston instruments to help my patients with a wide variety of myofascial pathologies. I've had some success with those tools. I was recently introduced to HawkGrips and found my success rate improving while simultaneously alleviating the wear and tear on my hands and wrists. I attribute these changes to the improvements in the design of HawkGrips.

1. The cross hatched design on HawkGrips gives me a better grip and allows me to relax my hands and wrists, alleviating the soreness I experienced using other tools.

2. The weight of HawkGrips allows me to use less pressure on my part, which has improved my feel when performing the technique.

3. The multiple edges and sizes gives me more specific instruments to help meet my patients' needs.

Using HawkGrips has allowed me to address many myofascial problems for my patients. I have successfully treated plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, post operative scar tissue reduction, acute and chronic myositis, chronic crepitus, and more.

If you are looking for a new way of helping your patients or athletes recover from acute or chronic myofascial problems, get yourself a set of HawkGrips, watch the video and use the techniques and you will have the same type of success I have enjoyed.M

Dr. Michael F. Donohoe. DC Quality Care Physicians PC Hatfield, PA