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Athletic Trainer On The Go Set

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Two of your favorite products bundled as one! This athletic trainer special includes our most popular IASTM Tool, the HGPro with a bag of 36 Single-Use Emollient packets. Easy to travel with and treat - fit the tool and packets in your bag. You asked, we answered! As an added special, this set also includes a jar of emollient for in-house treatments.

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HGPro Multi-Tool

If you only buy one IASTM tool, this is the one you need. The HGPro IASTM tool features seven different treatment edges. In fact, the HGPro combines four of our most popular IASTM tools (HG4, HG7, HG8, HG9) into this one convenient multi-tool. 

  • Seven different precision-engineered treatment edges
  • Ergonomically designed for clinician comfort
  • Convex and concave treatment surfaces
  • Single and double bevels
  • Perfect for traveling

Instrument measurement: 8" x 2" x 0.5" 

Single-Use Emollient

The Single-Use Emollient packets eliminate cross-contamination concerns and increase infection control. Ideal for IASTM and manual therapy, these packets are easy to tear and apply to your patients. 7 mL packets are designed to improve overall patient safety and quality of care. 

36 count, 7mL packets. Fragrance-free. 


Premium steel, hand-finished in the USA. Precision, quality, lifetime guarantee. Excellence personified.