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HawkGrips® Professional Massage Cream (Course Discount)

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Elevate your practice with HawkGrips Professional Massage Cream, a superior alternative to traditional massage creams. Our meticulously crafted formula features clean, hypoallergenic ingredients and provides the perfect medium glide, striking an ideal balance between lubrication and grip. This allows you to deliver precise, effective treatments while prioritizing your patients' safety and comfort. Choose between our convenient 8 oz or 16 oz jars to suit your practice's needs.

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HawkGrips® Therapeutic Massage Lotion
$ 21.95
HawkGrips® Single-Use Emollient Packets
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$ 21.95

Clean, Hypoallergenic Ingredients

Our fragrance-free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic formula sets a new standard in purity, ensuring your patients' safety and comfort.

Perfect Medium Glide

Experience enhanced control and precision with our unique cream consistency, optimized for a wide range of techniques.

Non-Greasy & Non-Staining

Maintain a clean, professional treatment environment with our residue-free, non-staining cream.

Skin-Nourishing Benefits

Promote healthier, more resilient skin with each application, thanks to our moisturizing formula.

Reliable Quality

Trust in the consistency and effectiveness of our American-made massage cream, designed for daily professional use.

Versatile Sizing Options

Choose between our 8 oz and 16 oz jars to accommodate the needs of your practice, from small clinics to high-volume facilities.

Made in the USA | Available in 8 oz & 16 oz Jars | Fragrance-Free